12Jan 2018

When the Tide Goes Out

January 12, 2018

The new year has revealed a few cracks in the already questionable property investment strategy of placing little equity down, using an interest only loan, desktop revaluing the property ASAP, before ripping out that equity to buy another property. It’s something that works, as long as the property market continues to move higher and lenders […]

05Jan 2018

It could be argued to regularly follow the media is to pursue the extremes of public discourse. Especially, when it comes to politics. Watching the TV, it can be frightening to think of some of the crazed minds that turn up to various ‘pro this’ and ‘anti that’ rallies, but remember they’re not actually representative […]

21Dec 2017

2017 End of Year Wrap

December 21, 2017

Like all years 2017 was an interesting one. It’s been strong gains across the equity space with little volatility – almost unheard of. Mainland capital city real estate finally looks to be slowing, just forget the debt. Maniac property investors are now beginning to wreak havoc with the liveability and affordability of Hobart. There has […]

14Dec 2017

Courtenay House Ponzi

December 14, 2017

It’s the most notorious name in the financial and investment world. Ponzi. Charles Ponzi to be exact. It’s nearly 100 years since Charles Ponzi ran his ‘investment scheme’, essentially described as an operator giving the appearance of generating returns by paying out old investors with money from new investors. The lure for investors is high returns with […]

01Dec 2017

The year’s winding down, so in the financial world that can only mean one thing – forecasts for next year. Every mainstream media outlet will be putting them together over the next month because A. people like lists; and B. they’re easy to string together. The thing to always keep in mind: they’re all worthless. […]