15Sep 2017

Take a look at this chart. See that blue line at the bottom? That isn’t the isn’t the horizontal or x-axis. It’s a price chart showing the growth of the Dow Jones in the US since 2012 – 71%.  Confused yet?  The black line is the monthly bitcoin price in the same time frame. In […]

08Sep 2017

Deliverance From Bad Insurance

September 8, 2017

If you’ve ever seen the classic film Deliverance you’ll know it’s the ultimate insurance advertisement. The character of Lewis, played by Burt Reynolds, begins the film proudly declaring, “I never been insured in my life. I don’t believe in insurance. There’s no risk.”   Movie fate ensures the canoeing trip Lewis and his friends take is […]

01Sep 2017

In case you needed a reminder – the sharemarket does go down. It’s worth remembering this in a year which has so far been something of a rarity. Earlier in the year we highlighted the media and their incessant hectoring about an imminent correction. With nothing much happening in the markets they fell into the […]

25Aug 2017

Recent insurance scandals with insurers showing a belligerent attitude to paying claims may have left some of us forgetting that insurers actually do pay claims. You wouldn’t think so, given some of the media coverage, but Australian life insurers pay out a significant amount in claims each year. Here’s the proof. Australian life insurance claims […]

11Aug 2017

From international tennis stars one week to the average mum and dad the next. The ABC’s 7:30 recently featured a story on victims of poor financial advice (investors duped by a noted investment spruiker) who are calling for reforms to protect anyone else from suffering what they’ve endured over the past decade. Despite these investors […]