Financial Planning Testimonials Burnie & Hobart

H and I would like to thank you for the continuing excellence of the performance of our portfolio.  Perhaps  we don’t say it enough, but we do appreciate your efforts.  As always Christine is included in our thanks, so please pass on same to her.

Dear Peter,

Mostly I take the time and always enjoy reading your Columns. I liked the recent one on “Keeping your Adviser in the Loop“.  It took me back to 1987 when G and I first met you in your office in Wilmot Street.  We had sold the business and both of us were very raw on our next step.  I’m sure you still remember how we put that money in National Mutual with trust not even thinking first to get any financial advice. What a blooper!!

It was a new ball game for us when we visited the offices of two Financial advisors and neither of us took any time to agree that you Peter was the one we liked and felt comfortable with.  There’s never been any doubt that we made the right choice.  You became our friend, a loyal friend, always interested in our personal lives and that of our families but at the same time giving professional advice and help that always gave us peace of mind.

Can you believe that’ all began thirty years ago??

Now Tristan is giving me the same wonderful advice and care and help that gives me the same satisfaction.  I want to compliment him – I was pleased to be able to do so in my answers in the recent online survey.

I can’t say thank you enough to you and your staff for the quality product that is Mancell Financial Group.

In closing, and this was actually the real reason I began this email, I want to congratulate you on your appointment for the third year in a row of Chair of Global Association of Independent Advisors.  It comes as no surprise to me, but I know it corries with obvious responsibility and weightiness for you which I’m confident that your associates in the industry have well recognized. Well done Peter!

Thanks very much Graham for the information and more importantly staying on top of everything; I do tend to forget about this very important part of my future life.

Just want to say that I think you & Peter & colleagues do a great job. I particularly like your professionalism with associated good humour that allows someone like me to stay abreast of what’s happening, but only having to do it a few times a year. Your consistency of approach, and encouraging C & I to be more steadfast with our savings has allowed my super to go from a miserly start in 2005 to a significant sum now. Yet, I’ve still enjoyed life to the full; even bought the yacht Peter said I shouldn’t even look at!!

Anyway, just to say thanks & keep up the good work.

Best wishes

I wish to acknowledge the depth of insight which you utilised to oversight estate planning for M and I. Your liaisons with the solicitor, in depth knowledge of our business and financial affairs, coupled with our goals and aspirations for our family whom you know and understand well, produced for me what is a first class outcome with a strategy, wills, enduring power of attorney and trust arrangements.

We want to thank you for all that you have done for us over the past years. We recognise that we would not be nearly as secure financially if it had not been for your expertise. However, we would also like to thank you for the way you make us feel so special – that we matter! You take the time to explain and deal with integrity and you are gracious. Be Blessed.

Thank you very much for coming to see me and explaining the details of our superannuation investments. We have always trusted your advice and I’m sure we always will in the future.

I just want to take another opportunity to say “thank you” and how much I appreciate your advice and placing of funds and all that goes along with what you do. I, together with each of our family, are very grateful to you. As you know we always admired and respected your business ethics.

We have, as you well know, had a very productive and successful relationship over the past sixteen years. It is helping me to have a very pleasant and comfortable retirement. Once again thank you for your help, both over the past years and also with your current advice.

Thank you again for what you do so well – we are very happy with our financial results, and I know that you understand that, but it is easy to be grumpy when things don’t go well, so it is only fair to say that G and I appreciate what you do best.